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US Patent: 210,100
Improvement in circular sawing machines
Tilting-arbor tablesaw
John Connell - Rochester, NY

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woodworking machines : circular saws : tablesaws


Not known to have been produced

E. B. Whitmore
B. C. Williams

Patent Dates:
Applied: Jan. 26, 1876
Granted: Nov. 19, 1878

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This is the earliest appearance we have seen of the tablesaw trunnion mechanism. Previous tilting-arbor tablesaw designs used a physical pivot point well below the surface of the table; the result is that when the blade is tilted, the intersection point with the tabletop moves laterally. Connell's design replaces the physical hinge-pin with trunnions centered on a virtual axis in the same plane as the tabletop. As the blade tilts, it maintains a fixed line of intersection with the tabletop.

"The object of my invention is mainly to hang the saw-arbor of a tilting sawing-machine in such a manner that the pivotal or axial line of the tilting movement shall lie in the plane of the saw, also in or near the plane of the upper surface of the table, whereby the saw, while being tilted, has no lateral movement at the said line, or, in other words, does not materially change its place in the narrow slit in the table up through which it projects; also, the employment of a pinion and rack to conveniently tilt the saw, and stop-pins to limit the angle of its inclination."

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